Sanjay Aneja

Sanjay Aneja, MD

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Welcome to the Aneja Lab

Our research is focused on the application of machine learning techniques to clinical medicine. We leverage high dimensional healthcare data to improve patient outcomes. Specifically, we employ machine learning discoveries from our lab to create artificial intelligence driven solutions.

We are fortunate to have an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, computer scientists, mathematicians, and data scientists. Given our diverse backgrounds, our lab’s interests span multiple domains from "calculation to clinic". Below are on-going research areas:

  1. Machine Learning Algorithm Development
  2. Metric Learning
  3. Generalization Theory
  4. Interpretability Techniques
  5. Uncertainty Quantification
  1. Clinical Outcome Prediction
  2. Disease Classification
  3. Clinical Workflow Automation

For more details, please see our Projects page.