Postdoctoral Positions

The Aneja Lab is seeking to hire postdoctoral associates. Alumni from our lab have had various trajectories including academic positions (DFCI) and industry (Facebook, early-stage startups).

We seek highly motivated individuals with an inclination for technology development and interest in machine learning/data science. Candidates must have a background in a quantitative field (Data Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science) and possess Python programming experience. Resourcefulness, creativity, and willingness to collaborate are very important.

Interested applicants are asked to send a CV and brief cover letter to Selected postdoctoral candidates will be asked to provide contact information for 3 references and interview (via video-conference).

Postgraduate & Student Positions

The Aneja Lab welcomes postgraduates and trainees with a variety of backgrounds.

We seek postgraduates and students who are interested in learning more about data science and machine learning. Applicants are expected to have experience in Python programming or willingness to learn. Required programming experience will depend on duration of position.

Interested applicants are asked to send a CV to


The Aneja Lab is always interested in collaborating with other research groups. Email if you think a collaboration would be fruitful. Our on-going collaborations include data sharing, externally validating machine learning models, and sharing code.